Ampersand Releases Version 1.2 of Kaliope Telephony Software

November 2013

Ampersand has released version 1.2 of the Kaliope Suite of Telephony Software, offering numerous improvements that include:

  •  a turn-key automated installation process
  •  unified and improved configuration management
  •  additional command line utilities to help improve system management and maintenance such as Kaliope version and Kaliope status
  •  refactored and improved daily archive procedures
  •  new VoIP origination and termination configuration options
  •  new dialing options and interconnect options in Kaliope Contact Manager

Early adopters of Kaliope 1.2 are reporting increased stability and performance. The system has been successfully scaled to over 3000 simultaneous calls.

A complete set of product documentation is a part of the Kaliope version 1.2 release, and includes the Kaliope Installation Guide, Kaliope Users Guide, and a Quick Reference Guide.

Ampersand CEO Steve Smith: “With Kaliope version 1.2, we’ve taken a significant step towards improving and standardizing the installation and management of our software products, as well as professionalizing our documentation. It’s another part of our journey, from our roots in building internal tools and custom software, to providing a generic product that is usable off the shelf by a variety of customers.”

Kaliope 1.2 is available now and Ampersand recommends that all customers upgrade their Kaliope installation during the next convenient maintenance window. The company’s Customer Support team is ready to assist with planning and implementing an upgrade plan.

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