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Ampersand’s Kaliope product line consists of a set of distinct software modules, each of which serves a specific function or set of functions. This modular paradigm promotes great flexibility in call center solution design and enables seamless integration with your existing PBXs, ACDs, and applications. Thus, with minimal time and investment we help customers create and enable state-of-the-art SIP/VoIP enterprise call center systems.


Kaliope is built from the ground up to be easy to integrate into a variety of customer call center applications. Our standards-based software modules are deployed on a wide range of servers and virtual machines. They interact with customers’ existing equipment and applications via industry protocols. When needed, our professional services team builds custom interfaces to integrate the platform with customer applications.

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One of the economic advantages of VoIP telephony systems is that they can be deployed on commodity servers. Our software components are designed to horizontally scale with an N+1 model. To add additional capacity, customers simply add additional servers. Kaliope installations routinely scale up to thousands of sessions, remaining responsive and reliable.



Accurate call progress analysis and the ability to distinguish live answers from machines improves agent efficiency by reducing wasted call time. Kaliope uses highly sophisticated detection and analysis algorithms that shine in customer-run, head-to-head trials. For example, calls that transit intermediate carriers do not always accurately transmit SIP or ISDN cause codes. Our Kaliope Detect EMAD module offers a patented approach to this problem, matching the pre-call audio to known carrier messages, allowing for reliable determination of permanently disconnected numbers even when a carrier provides incorrect termination codes.


Kaliope Software Modules


Kaliope Telephony Engine

Kaliope Telephony Engine directly manages the SIP and RTP sessions that are the actual call legs on the Kaliope platform. Specifically, this module provides such functionality as:

  • Starting, stopping, and answering of calls
  • Playing and recording of voice prompts, call recordings, and other audio files
  • User touch-tone event actions (DTMF input)
  • Creating call legs to other applications and telephony systems
  • Bridging and conferencing

Kaliope Call Manager

Kaliope Call Manager provides the interface through which enterprise call center applications interact with Kaliope modules and capabilities. The call manager supports both socket and web REST APIs for enterprise applications to use when interacting with the Kaliope platform.

Kaliope IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a cornerstone of enterprise contact centers. Kaliope IVR includes a robust VXML 2.1-compliant IVR engine which allows customers to easily develop or port existing applications to the Kaliope telephony platform. Kaliope IVR detects energy, silence, and answering machine signatures. These proprietary enhancements are used to create intelligent outbound scripts for both live calls and answering machine calls. Kaliope IVR works in conjunction with Kaliope Speak, an integrated speech synthesis engine that synthesizes names, addresses, and arbitrary text.

Kaliope Detect

This module has two components. The Kaliope Detect component analyzes outbound calls to determine whether they are a live answer or a machine, and ensures that IVR payloads begin at the correct time. Ampersand’s patented Early Media Analysis and Detection (EMAD) component analyzes early media streams (audio provided before a call is answered) and performs sophisticated audio analysis procedures to determine the correct disposition for calls that are incorrectly characterized by the customer’s carrier.

Kaliope Speak

Kaliope Speak synthesizes names, addresses, and arbitrary text into audio files that are usable by the Kaliope Telephony Engine. It utilizes third-party phonetic pronunciation and TTS products. It supports SSML 2.0 and includes a caching module that saves frequently synthesized names, improving performance for high-volume systems.

Kaliope Contact Manager

Kaliope Contact Manager provides a GUI web portal with which customers can upload and run outbound calling campaigns. The Kaliope Contact Manager facilitates the loading and management of dialing lists and provides supervisory capabilities (e.g., starting, stopping, and monitoring of campaigns.) It can also be configured to allow agents to manually initiate or place calls.

Kaliope Monitor

A system management and monitoring platform is fundamental to operating a highly reliable telephony platform. If system problems go undetected, call centers cannot be as efficient as possible. Kaliope Monitor provides immediate notification of system problems that can dramatically reduce downtime. Its ongoing metric collection enables a review of historical trends and identifies when traffic is increasing, which signals a need for additional capacity.

Kaliope Monitor is a set of Nagios plugins and configuration files that allow customers to deploy the Nagios IT infrastructure monitoring system to check, create alerts, and track trends on key statistics for Kaliope servers and processes. In addition to standard server-level metrics, the plugins provide module-specific data such as number of concurrent sessions in progress and inbound and outbound call-per-second rates.

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