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Ampersand’s work over the last two decades on telephony and IVR systems for the call center industry has given us the expertise to provide a wide range of implementation, integration and professional services to Kaliope customers. We tailor our services to customer needs and work to ensure that their implementations are running at full potential.


Implementation and Product Training

Ampersand’s Kaliope products can be deployed in a number of configurations on a variety of different hardware platforms. They can interconnect with numerous telephony and application endpoints. We guide our customers in implementing, integrating, and configuring their platforms. If desired, we propose and implement a monitoring strategy, as well as provide Tier 2 and Tier 3 support for operational incidents. We provide training to customers’ IT administration staff to enable them to manage Kaliope systems.


Support and Maintenance

Ampersand provides software support and maintenance that entitles customers to periodic software updates, as well as Tier 3 support. We utilize a three-tiered release strategy of major upgrades, minor upgrades, and patch updates. It’s typical for us to issue one major and several minor updates each year. Ampersand’s professional services team can be retained for transition planning and assistance in upgrading Kaliope systems. In some cases we also provide Tier 2 operational support.


Professional Services

Ampersand provides customers with professional services and consulting related to their particular call center needs, including technology strategy, system integration, custom development, IVR script development, and network troubleshooting.

Services Offered

IVR Development

Ampersand has extensive history with developing and tuning IVR (Interactive Voice Response) call flow scripts. We understand the principles associated with creating clear and intuitive call flow and implementing it in industry-standard VXML. We source professional voice prompts and integrate the IVR scripts to customer applications and databases. Our team helps customers clarify requirements and translate them into a call flow design document that is used to guide the development, testing, and deployment of the IVR project.

Custom Development

Ampersand is able to extend the standard Kaliope product suite by developing custom features and capabilities to a customer’s specific requirements. We work with customers to understand their objectives, then architect, scope, and provide an estimate for the custom solution. Ampersand employs an Agile project management approach. This approach includes customers in periodic stakeholder reviews so that they are kept informed about status and have plenty of opportunity to provide input during development.

System Integration

A typical VoIP implementation includes a number of outside-sourced products, each of which requires integration to make a fully functioning system. Ampersand is expert at getting these various pieces to work together seamlessly in service of VoIP networks and systems. In many cases, standard protocols will suffice to integrate the Kaliope platform into a customer’s environment. Ampersand can also develop custom interfaces for other systems or protocols.


Ampersand has offered workshops designed to help customers identify the key elements of business communication needs, both in the present and future. We have audited existing enterprise communication systems, taken our customers through visioning exercises to reveal the capabilities of VoIP and IP communications and bring their organizational needs to light, and worked with them to develop and document a comprehensive strategy for their telephony business needs.

Various vendor products and services can contribute significant value to a VoIP system. Ampersand has ample experience dealing with such vendors as VoIP carriers for inbound and outbound calling and trunking; ISPs (for bandwidth provision); collocation providers; servers, switches and other commodity hardware; specialty hardware (e.g., gateways or session border controllers); PBXs. We provide customers assistance in vendor sourcing and negotiation, if desired.

Network Troubleshooting

VoIP call quality is dependent on the reliability and capacity of the customer’s local area and wide area networks. If these networks are clean, all is well, but older or under-provisioned networks can cause problems with call origination and/or audio quality. Ampersand is skilled at analyzing VoIP signaling and call quality issues. Our experts use a variety of powerful tools to track down, isolate, and devise solutions for difficult VoIP system problems, including call load generators, QoS measurement systems, and packet trace and debugging tools.

Product Training

Ampersand offers two Kaliope technical training modules, each of which is a half-day session held on the client site. These two modules can be held separately on different days or both on the same day, according to customer preference.

Kaliope System Management
The Kaliope System Management seminar covers the components of Kaliope and a representative N+1 best practices deployment model. It also supplies an overview of Kaliope installation processes and configuration options, and closes with coverage of Kaliope system monitoring and management capabilities.

VXML 101
VXML 101 is a three-hour guided tour of the VXML markup language and its supporting technologies, which are comprised of Javascript, SGRS, SSML, and XML. The seminar illustrates how these technologies combine and work together to create the primitives used to build IVR scripts, and it covers the principal VXML tags and approaches used in script development.

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